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Catering for various sized Events

* Bands

* Small gigs

* Shows

* Exhibitions

* Concerts

* Pantomimes

* Comedians

* Theatre

* Mobile Ice-rinks

* Motor Shows

* Magicians

* Theme Parks

* Circus's

* Stunt Shows

* Furniture shows

and many more ...

Reducing Transport Costs

Full control and transparency -
Satellite tracking

All European & UK Destination Services

Hand Picked Drivers

Storage Available

                Understanding the needs for Bands


Whatever your Bands event and wherever it is, Event Truck from EuroXpress will make sure everything gets collected, delivered and returned on time.

We are interested in catering for all sizes of bands whether a small band with The basic musical equipment where doing 4 local gigs in 1 night where just a panel van would be more appropriate, and you don't need to worry about parking and traffic wardens and security, To a trailer where the stage needs to go as well.

Feel free to discuss your personal needs for us to adapt to the needs of your business.

We offer a facility to stay on site with vehicle for storage for security also.



In addition to which Event Truck will:

  • Improve reliability.
  • More Proffesionable look.
  • Looking more established.
  • Crew vehicle with equipment. enabling the band can all have a drink if they like.
  • Offer you a proactive transport solution to all European destinations.
  • Allow you transparency and control over the transportation process – “ Like having your own trucks”.
  • Provide you with a tailor made service and our total commitment.

Tel: + 44 (0) 1903 732733


Event Truck

Event Truck Registered Office:
3 Silverbirch Drive
West Sussex
BN13 3PP

What Event Truck users are saying:

“Last minute changes are never a problem”

“You do what you say you’re going to do”

“You’re totally unflappable”

“It would be nice to get there before you… just once!”

"Saved Our company the overheads of owning own vehicles"

"It was great that you were able to help small bands too cost effective"

"Was Perfect for our Exhibition Work different size vehicles for our different size events"

"Great value for money A+ Service"

"Polite Professional and Courteous, Just want I needed"

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